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The Zodiac Roles Modifier allows owners of an avatar (a Safe or other web3 account) to create roles with granular permissions and grant them to any address. Roles are able to make unilateral calls to any approved addresses, functions, and variables to which the role has been granted access, even if they're not an owner.

Note: the Roles Modifier works especially well with Zodiac Pilot, a Chrome extension that enables users to simulate, record, and batch dapp transactions on behalf of a DAO. Learn more about the Zodiac Pilot Extension.

Core Benefits[edit]

  • Create multiple roles and assigns roles to addresses
  • Allow roles access to call, delegate call, and/or send to address
  • Scope which functions a role can call on a given address
  • Scope which parameters are allowed on a given function

Example Use Cases[edit]

  • A DAO wants to issue credentials to its community for the purpose of work contributions through its Safe. In order to bypass signature requirements for every update, the DAO equips the Roles Modifier and limits the signature requirement to a single designated account, which can now issue credentials on behalf of the DAO with more efficiency.
  • A DAO wants to implement a DeFi strategy to generate yield, but the Safe owners are not experts in treasury management. By specifying role-based permissions for a specific address using the Roles Modifier, the DAO can hire a third-party treasury manager to use Zodiac Pilot to simulate and batch DeFi transactions on its behalf, all in a non-custodial, transparent, and trust-minimized way. (For a detailed breakdown of this example, visit this tweet thread.)


  • Tutorial for DAO Operators: This tutorial has the perspective of a steward, admin, or manager of an organization using the Roles Modifier.
  • Tutorial for DAO Developers: This tutorial has the perspective of ​a developer who is comfortable with the command line and would like to implement, modify, or build upon the Roles Modifier.





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