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About PROPS SUPPLY[edit]

PROPS SUPPLY is a multi-hyphenate creative team working across architecture, art and design. They specialize in storytelling, spatial experiences and world building with collectives and like-minded individuals.

A working articulation of their process ——

We work with great concern for craft, magic and curiosity, and are guided by rigorous and methodical techniques. Our propositions revel in the complexities of an existence caught between matter and data. It is within these bounds that we touch this mystical world in which we reside and desire to share: unveiling the strangeness in convention, the precision in ambiguity and the alien within the human.

Or if you catch them on a particularly snowy day ——

It accumulates, you know, each decision, each idea, each action, no matter what state of formation it is in, pushes us forward, and when you're caught in the flow of unexpected directions, don't forget that it accumulates, you know, compacting into foundations.

Official Links[edit]

  • PROPS SUPPLY Official Site: https://props.supply/
  • PROPS SUPPLY Twitter: https://twitter.com/propssupply
  • PROPS SUPPLY Are.na: https://www.are.na/props-supply