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Notes on Governance Experience Design

  • Title: Notes on Governance Experience Design
  • Author: Nathan Schneider with contributions by Greg Cassel, Val Elefante, Cent Hosten, Kelsie Nabben, Aviv Ovadya, Niccolò Pescetelli, Divya Siddharth, Danny Spitzberg, Ronen Tamari, and Michael Zargham
  • Format: essay
  • Website/Publication/Organization: https://metagov.org/
  • Year: 2022
  • Link: https://www.crowdwrite.xyz/metagov/cl7e9sjvc000q09jx9kjhbocz/text
  • Description: These notes are intended for the designers of the surfaces, processes, norms, and interfaces for online governance. This is a living document, first developed through research and experimentation in the Metagovernance Project, which will continue stewarding the text's ongoing development through improvement proposals from readers.