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Introduction: Stories


About Stories[edit]

Crypto moves quickly. Projects come and go. In markets full of volatility and speculation, success or failure is not always the clearest indicator of the quality of the underlying ideas. Important ideas may appear in a given project alongside the lousy ones that doom it. Lousy ideas, also, may seem to flourish because they appeared at an opportune time. Regardless of the quality of an idea, it can bear lessons.

The culture that dominates in crypto tends to focus on the future, as if that is all that matters. Memory is short. But there is much to be learned for the future from even the short history of crypto experiments. Stories is a space for doing that learning together.

Here you will find an archive of inactive, failed, and otherwise deceased crypto projects with lessons worth remembering.

The Stories section of zodiac.wiki originated with the Crypto Wake project at the University of Colorado Boulder's Media Enterprise Design Lab, under the direction of Nathan Schneider.

Contributing stories[edit]

To contribute a Story, visit the zodiac.wiki Contribution Guide and use the story submission template. General guidelines:

  • Employ a tone of celebration mixed with honest assessment. Humor is welcome. Highlight lessons for future builders.
  • Projects may still be operating, but they should be meaningfully inactive for at least a year in terms of development, use, and market value. Err on the side of using past tense even if a project is nominally still in existence. Ignore outright scam projects unless they furnish especially interesting lessons.
  • Cite source material as much as possible with in-text hyperlinks.

Ongoing work[edit]

Gnosis Guild helpdesk[edit]

If you'd like to discuss story contributions prior to or after submitting to zodiac.wiki, visit the Gnosis Guild Discord.