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Introduction: Library


About the Library[edit]

The Library is a collectively curated selection of texts related to decentralized governance. Ranging from books to hyperlinks, the library items are considered by the Zodiac ecosystem to be rich, informative, or historically important.

Contributing to the Library[edit]

The Library launches with a carefully considered selection of items. While the initial selection strives to emphasize quality, semi-evergreen items, it is ultimately up to the Zodiac community to help decide which direction the library goes.

To make a contribution to the library, visit the Contribution Guide.

Ongoing work[edit]

Gnosis Guild library helpdesk[edit]

If you'd like to discuss library items prior to or after submitting to the zodiac.wiki Library, visit the Gnosis Guild Discord. To get notified of relevant updates, choose the @librarypage role in the #choose-your-role channel.