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Giveth Handbook

  • Title: Giveth Handbook
  • Author: Giveth
  • Format: Digital Handbook
  • Website/Publication/Organization: Giveth
  • Year:
  • Link: https://docs.giveth.io/
  • Description:

The Giveth DAO is a self-governed organization dedicated to revolutionizing philanthropy and "Building the Future of Giving" by bridging the Ethereum and non-profit worlds. Giveth's mission is to build a culture of giving that empowers and rewards those who give - to projects, to society, and to the world.

Giveth envisions a future in which giving is effortless and people all around the world are rewarded for creating positive change. The Giveth platforms aim to be free for donors and projects, globally accessible and self-sustaining. Giveth aims to facilitate the efficient, transparent flow of funds directly to where they have the most positive impact.