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About Gardens[edit]

Created by 1Hive's community of web3 builders, Gardens is a platform for composable, sufficiently decentralized, and self-improving DAOs to manage their treasuries.

Gardens governance is centered around an enforceable Covenant, which encodes the community's mission and values on-chain. Funding is approved through Conviction Voting, where support can be split among any number of proposals and grows in conviction the longer they are staked on a proposal. Proposals in Gardens DAOs can be disputed with Celeste, a decentralized arbitration protocol where keepers determine if a disputed proposal violated the Covenant. Lastly, changes to the parameters of Gardens DAOs can be updated using TAO Voting, a quorum-based voting system with a quiet ending period that prevents surprise outcomes from last minute whale votes.

Gardens allows for any token to be used for funding in a DAO's Common Pool, and for any token to wrapped as the governance token used in Conviction Voting. Gardens can also be built with a native token with Dynamic Issuance, where a target reserve rate determines the token's rate of minting or burning in the Common Pool, allowing token's supply to mirror the DAO's productivity sustainably.

Collectively, the Gardens framework creates communities where minority interests are empowered, common governance attack vectors are mitigated, and value towards a purpose can be created in the long term.

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