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FAQ: zodiac.wiki

What is zodiac.wiki?[edit]

zodiac.wiki is an open, living resource for DAOs. It is home to a shared library of reading materials, documentation, stories, and a pattern language describing common problems and offering practical responses for organizations. While DAOs collectively steward the resource and take responsibility for its maintenance, anyone is able to create an account and contribute.

Who is behind zodiac.wiki?[edit]

The initiative for zodiac.wiki was catalyzed by Gnosis Guild, keeper of the Zodiac standard for DAO tools. However, the project has transformed into a multitudinous, cross-organizational endeavor, with several organizations contributing resources. Ultimately, zodiac.wiki seeks to be a resource for the ecosystem to which several interfaces and organizational taxonomies can be applied.

What is the relationship between Gnosis Guild and the Zodiac ecosystem?[edit]

Gnosis Guild is a core contributor to the Zodiac ecosystem. As an initial core contributor, Gnosis Guild approves which submissions comply with the Zodiac open standard and acts as steward admins of zodiac.wiki. Gnosis Guild embraces practices that will over time meaningfully distribute contribution, governance, and ownership of the value Zodiac produces, encouraging individuals, teams, and DAOs to participate.

Can I or my organization get involved?[edit]

Anyone who creates an account on zodiac.wiki can contribute, but you can also check out Introduction: Patterns for more opportunities. Over time, steward admins of the wiki will be conferred by NFTs issued by Gnosis Guild. For more information on getting involved, visit the Contribution Guide.

Please note that contributing to zodiac.wiki in no way guarantees receiving or being eligible for token airdrops, mints, or other form of assets. There is no implication of any financial return in contributing.

Why not web3 software?[edit]

In the longer term, we plan to change the zodiac.wiki software as the resource progresses. While the earlier web mastered a medium for distributed contributors, web3 seeks to distribute its underlying database as well. A web3-native wiki would be a hyperstructure: a protocol that is unstoppable, free, valuable, expansive, permissionless, positive sum, and credibly neutral. A living resource for DAOs should have multiple interfaces, allowing for different curation, categorization, and vibes, not subject only to a single team’s influence.

How do I become an admin of zodiac.wiki?[edit]

zodiac.wiki was catalyzed by Gnosis Guild. Over time, steward admins of the wiki will be conferred by NFTs issued by Gnosis Guild.

What is the Wand NFT?[edit]

Wands are the governing items of the Zodiac ecosystem. The NFTs are on-chain SVGs and future portable 3D files that will someday act as portals to untold worlds. Wands have the core mechanism of upgradeability. Wand holders can upgrade their NFT over time by meaningfully contributing to the Zodiac ecosystem.

How can I obtain a Wand NFT?[edit]

There will be no public allowlist for the Wand NFT. Instead, individuals and organizations are greenlisted to mint Wands based on meaningful contributions to the Zodiac ecosystem. Those who contribute can soon fill out an attestation form (forthcoming) for greenlist consideration.