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FAQ: Zodiac Standard

What is the Zodiac standard?[edit]

The expansion pack for DAOs, Zodiac is a collection of tools built according to an open standard. The Zodiac open standard enables DAOs to act more like constellations, connecting protocols, platforms, and chains, no longer confined to monolithic designs. To learn more about the ideas behind Zodiac, visit the Gnosis Guild blog or read the Introduction: Zodiac Standard.

What is the relationship between Gnosis Guild and the Zodiac standardl?[edit]

Gnosis Guild is a core contributor to the Zodiac open standard. As an initial core contributor, Gnosis Guild approves which submissions comply with the standard. It embraces practices that will over time meaningfully distribute contribution, governance, and ownership of the value Zodiac produces, encouraging individuals, teams, and DAOs to participate.

How can I get started with Zodiac?[edit]

Use the Zodiac collection of tools through the Zodiac App available on Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe), and read through the tutorials and documentation in Documentation.

Which networks/chains does Zodiac support?[edit]

For a list of supported networks, visit this link.

Can anyone contribute to Zodiac?[edit]

Yes. True to its philosophy, Zodiac is open for participation. Anyone can contribute to the Zodiac collection of tools by submitting a pull request on the repositories. Learn more about contributing to the Zodiac standard here.

Where can I get support for Zodiac?[edit]

Find technical and development support in the #support and #developers channels in the Gnosis Guild Discord server.

Where can I get the latest updates on Gnosis Guild and Zodiac?[edit]

Follow Gnosis Guild on Twitter and check out the #announcements channel in the Gnosis Guild Discord server.