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About DAODAO[edit]

We're a DAO that builds tools for building DAOs. (Yes, we used DAO DAO to build DAO DAO).

Why DAOs?
DAOs are programmable organizations with easliy inspectible states. With liquid governance tokens, DAOs can produce incentive structures of any level of complexity—from giving a grant to a promising artist to creating a welfare system to your entire community.

Any kind of institution can be represented as a DAO. You can launch a business or an investment group, found a school, or create a popular assembly for your local community. The only limit is your ability to organize.

DAO DAO helps you build DAOs with a visual interface. We provide a UI for creating, deploying, voting, and joining DAOs. Through the power of IBC, the tokens you launch with DAO DAO can be shared across blockchains. That means you can list your DAO's token on Osmosis. IBC also allows your DAO to hold tokens from other chains. That means your DAO's treasury can hold Stargaze NFTs, or launch decentralized apps with Akash tokens.

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