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Contributor Tracks

Contributor Tracks make it easier for new contributors to identify how they would like to contribute to your DAO.

Each Track should have a descriptive name that identifies the "persona" of the contributor on the track.


At DAOHaus, the contributor tracks are: Scholar, Summoner, Contributor and Supporter.

A brief description is provided for each:

  • Scholar 👩🏻‍🎓 I’m new to DAOhaus and want to learn more about the product and community
  • Supporter 💎 I want to talk about HAUS token. I’m a holder or want to get engaged in the community.
  • Contributor 🔨 I can offer skills to DAOs, want to contribute and want to earn crypto.
  • Summoner🏡 I have summoned a DAO, or want guidance on summoning a DAO.

Each track can have corresponding communication channels (e.g. Discord channels), documentation, mentors and more. This helps new people focus their energy where they feel most aligned.


  • DAOHaus Contributor Onboarding [1]