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The Zodiac Governor Module enables an OpenZeppelin Governor contract as a Safe module. By equipping the most popular on-chain governance framework as a module, a multisig can seamlessly transition into a multiplayer DAO with on-chain voting, while still maintaining flexibility and optionality.

Core Benefits[edit]

  • Enables a seamless transition from multisig to DAO with on-chain voting
  • Can be used in parallel with other modules for advanced functionally
  • Allows a DAO to avoid future switching costs

Example Use Case[edit]

A group of friends share a multisig that grows beyond expectations. They decide to upgrade the multisig to a multiplayer DAO by equipping the Zodiac Governor Module. By tapping into the most popular on-chain governance framework, the squad can immediately enjoy on-chain voting. Down the line, they can decide to keep things open and modular or, for example, use the full capabilities of the Tally platform.


  • Tutorial for DAO Operators: This tutorial has the perspective of a steward, admin, or manager of an organization using the Governor Module.
  • Tutorial for DAO Developers: This tutorial has the perspective of ​a developer who is comfortable with the command line and would like to implement, modify, or build upon the Governor Module.





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