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The Zodiac Delay Modifier allows avatars (Gnosis Safes and other web3 accounts) to enforce a time delay between when a module initiates a transaction and when it can be executed by an avatar.

Core Benefits

  • Allows DAOs to control the amount of time needed to prepare for a proposal's changes before execution
  • Enables DAOs to level up security practices
  • Provides DAO members an opportunity to exit or fork before a proposal is executed

Example Use Case

A DAO holds a vote that would significantly alter the protocol pending the outcome of a proposal, which eventually passes. With the Delay Modifier equipped, the DAO adds a time delay between the transaction's initialization and actual execution, allowing the DAO Operators adequate time to update the protocol prior to the transaction execution.


  • Tutorial for DAO Operators: This tutorial has the perspective of a steward, admin, or manager of an organization using the Delay Modifier.
  • Tutorial for DAO Developers: This tutorial has the perspective of ​a developer who is comfortable with the command line and would like to implement, modify, or build upon the Delay Modifier.





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